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Initials Labs


We increase business performance by demystifying technology. Removing jargon. Avoiding complexity. And humanising the experience of creating powerful digital solutions.

In a world of ‘anything is possible’, pinpointing the right starting point is crucial. We believe in human insight first, tech second. We create from scratch. We optimise existing. We rebuild the outdated.

Only through deep collaboration with clients can we unleash answers that challenge and actualise digital solutions that outperform.

Business audit

Transformational ideas start with a clear understanding of the challenge and the existing landscape. Our multi-stakeholder workshops and research sessions are designed to provide the optimum point of departure and to demystify the challenge ahead.

User insight

Thanks to our in-depth, in-field research with end users we are able to land business changing ideas with real-world user relevance and understand the difference between ‘tech for tech sake’ and a truly useful interface.

Digital blueprint

Delivery begins with specifying the real attributes of the system. Our planners create the foundations and blueprint that starts the creation process and defines the end product, service or solution.

Creative origination

Innovative creative and design solutions optimise usability and our designers’ forward-thinking approach to UI and IA transforms great functionality into exceptional performance.


Our engineers and producers are the final link in the chain to delivering reliable solutions for even the most technical projects, on time and on budget.

A practical approach

We understand that all businesses are affected by the ever-evolving speed of change from a consumer adoption rate of technology vs limitations of set-up and infrastructure internally. Therefore, we take a practical approach when working with clients, understand that there are multiple factors that need to be considered and welcome collaboration with incumbent agencies or in-house teams. Working in partnership with our clients to truly understand their key challenges from a brand perspective, and reverse engineering the requirements from a technology aspect, allows us to create scalable platforms and solutions that adapt to consumer trends.
It also ensures that technology doesn’t become a barrier for consumers to interact with the brand. We believe that by demystifying technology and breaking the process into consumer focused solutions allows us to provide our clients with focused solutions based around technology vs technology focused solutions. Whether that be purely design and research strategy, rapid prototyping, deployment or in-life support.

Our Team

Dominic, Simon and the LABS team are more than just keyboard warriors. They’re here to show you that tech can be as simple as you need it to be and as effective as you want it to be.

Our Services

Business/Technology Audit

Service Design

Rapid Prototyping

Research & Insight

Creative & Content Origination

Development & Delivery

Digital & Social Strategy

UX Testing/Optimisation

In Life Support


Case Studies