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at Initials


Our values are more than just words on a page. They are standards we measure ourselves by. And they reflect the people who work here.

We are intelligent. Enough to know that your individuality is our advantage. We nurture brilliance, no matter what form it takes.

We are committed. To quality, not qualifications. And building an agency on more than one type of person.

We are open. To having conversations rather than reading CVs. To sharing opinions and, more importantly, listening to yours.

We are imaginative. In the office and out of it. We are an eclectic mix of creatives, collectors, actors, bakers, music makers.

We are all of this and much much more.

Here’s a snapshot of the people here at Initials. Take a look to see what makes each of us who we are.

Rachel Jackson

Senior Strategist

She may be 5ft 2in, but if Rachel is in the room, you generally know about it. Not one to shy away from the tough questions that lead to great work, Rachel can unravel problems at a rate of knots and piece together ideas like a Lego master.

Take a look at Rachel’s LinkedIn here.

Chris Micklefield

Senior Art Director

Headphones on and head down. Perfectionist personified. Whether it’s crafting a morning cup of coffee, curating his afternoon playlist or designing this week’s big project. Chris will get the job done and get it done right. 

Take a look at Chris’s LinkedIn here.

Richard Barrett

Managing Director

Straight laced and straight talking. RB is a sharp shooter who has the best interest of the agency in his sights. Whether he’s in the boardroom or in a brainstorm, he’ll transform, transfix and transcend with his witty way with words.

Take a look at Richard’s LinkedIn here.

Rachel Bateman

Head of Experiential

Unflappable and inimitable. Style and sophistication personified. Rachel is the walking embodiment of cool, calm and collected. From agency mindfulness sessions to festival activations; if she’s stressed, you wouldn’t know it.

Take a look at Rachel’s LinkedIn here.

Eddie Mills

Group Account Director

Running client business by day and running a charity (and marathons) by night. Eddie’s ability to provide a refreshing perspective on anything and everything keeps us all grounded.

Take a look at Eddie’s LinkedIn here.

Jenny Cobelli

Senior Art Director

Podcast enthusiast and serial scamper. If Jenny can think it, she can do it and she’ll do so with a smile on her face. Nothing and no one holds her back. Eternally lovely and relentlessly optimistic.

Take a look at Jenny’s LinkedIn here.

Chris Perowne

Head of Design & Deputy Head of Creative

Calm and calculated. Masterful and meticulous. It’s often said that if we could clone Mr Perowne, we would. Ten times over. His unwavering commitment to his craft is why he’s been our go-to design guru for over a decade.

Take a look at Chris’s LinkedIn here.

Valentina Christou

Financial Accountant

Eternally smiley and constantly cheerful. Don’t mistake her warmth for weakness when it comes to keeping the books in order. But beware: Valentina has heard every excuse for not completing timesheets and you’re not getting away with it. No. Chance.

Take a look at Valentina’s LinkedIn here.

Abby Hartley

Head of Marketing

Dedicated with a flair for the dramatic. With one eye on the details and the other on the prize, Abby has the uncanny ability to see the bigger picture and make sure all the little things are just so.

Take a look at Abby’s LinkedIn here.

Jamie Matthews


Our esteemed leader and captain of the Good Ship Initials. Searingly honest and sagely optimistic. Jamie knows when to cut to the chase or cut you some slack. And his love of all things tech means he’s always at the cutting edge.

Take a look at Jamie’s LinkedIn here.

Nicola Devine

Communications Manager

Devine by name, delightful by nature. Nicola is relentlessly optimistic and endlessly inquisitive. She’s never afraid to ask the tough questions, but she always does so with a smile on her face.

Take a look at Nicola’s LinkedIn here.

Jack Glasscock


Whether it’s turning the written description of an electric shaver or a humble packet of crisps into an epic tale, a comedy sketch or occasionally a deliciously gratuitous pun, Jack’s light-hearted take on the world is pure poetry in motion.

Take a look at Jack’s LinkedIn here.

Freddie Smith

Senior Communications Executive

Our resident gameshow host, Freddie can make everyone feel like the most important person in the room. Clients and colleagues alike all get the ‘Freddie treatment’, whether we’re talking about the next big brief or next round of beer pong.

Take a look at Freddie’s LinkedIn here.

Mel Lowings

Senior Producer

Precise and persistent. Purveyor of process and director of documentation. Mel loves fossil hunting in her spare time, but her digital expertise is anything but prehistoric. Absolute dino-mite.

Take a look at Mel’s LinkedIn here.

Tamsin Williamson

Senior Communications Director

Warm smiles and reassurance: everything is under control at all times. ‘Tambo’, combines Rambo-like energy when delivering epic experiential activations, with the skills of a juggler who never drops a ball.

Take a look at Tamsin’s LinkedIn here.

Life at Initials

  • Everyone enjoys their birthday off
  • Cycle schemes and travel loans take the edge off the commute
  • There are finder’s fees if you help us find fresh blood
  • Christmas parties, summer parties, any excuse for a party really
  • We can’t wait for the weekend, so we crack open the drinks on a Thursday
  • Work anniversaries are celebrated with a lie-in
  • Extra holiday days are up for grabs if you stick around

Whatever your role, every day is different. One day we’ll be working on one of the world’s biggest brands, then the next we’ll launch a brand new one. Our morning might be spent running a pop-up, only to pop-out to host a thought leadership event in the afternoon.


You give us your creativity, enthusiasm and individual flair. And in return, we give you the space, support and opportunity to do great things. Even if that means doing it from home.


And to make sure we keep things fresh, we enjoy early-finish Fridays during the summer months and take half a day off every month to fuel our fire.


We’re always looking for top talent to help us unleash creative brilliance. If you like what we stand for, we’d love to hear from you.