It’s Not Pink, It’s Puerto


Launch Puerto de Indias in the UK with an ownable, non-conventional gin proposition and premium brand world to appeal to sophisticated, creative and curious individuals.


Counteract the oversaturated ‘pink wallpaper’ created by competitor pink gins and deliver an edgier, unconventional, unisex alternative.


‘It’s not pink, it’s Puerto’: an ‘anti-pink’ campaign that introduces the UK to the darkly sophisticated and unconventional world of Puerto de Indias via the iconic black strawberry.

In a booming market, launching ‘another pink gin’ to a UK audience had a unique set of challenges. Whilst a huge success story in Spain, the proliferation of pink gin in the UK had created an indistinguishable ‘wallpaper of pink’, lacking unisex appeal and grown up sophistication. It was time for an edgier alternative that was about more than colour. It was time for an anti-pink pink gin campaign.

 ‘It’s not pink, it’s Puerto’ asserts Puerto de Indias’ non-conformity head on and challenges the assumption that all pink gins are the same, elevating the brand above the competition with authority and confidence.

 The multi-channel campaign – which spanned influencer activity, social, guerilla activation, OOH, digital media, print and experiential – glorified the unique strawberry flavor profile, via the darkly sophisticated world of the iconic black strawberry, a symbol of Puerto de Indias’ unconventionality, and encouraged them to ‘unthink pink’ once and for all.

A group of creative and ‘unconventional’  influencers received a mysterious invite in the post in the form of a bespoke ‘Little Black Book of Unconventionality’. The book contained an invitation to an ‘Evening of Unconventionality’, and encouraged followers to guess who the sender could be through sharing cryptic clues. Followers could also enter a competition to win an exclusive ticket for them and a friend.

Guerilla projections of our iconic black strawberry were projected on to key landmarks in central London with the cryptic #FollowTheBlackStrawberry and amplified by influencers.

An immersive launch event in Covent Garden finally revealed the brand and campaign world. The experience took guests through a series of rooms designed to bring to life the story of Puerto de Indias in an intriguing, sophisticated and theatrical way.

A 4 week social campaign on brand-owned channels expanded the brand world.

A digital media campaign used retargeting to first tease the brand to our target audience with the cryptic black strawberry and #FollowTheBlackStrawberry, before unveiling the product and wider brand world post-launch.

Launch toolkit was also created, including assets for on and off-trade activation, experiential and sampling collateral, print, digital and trade media and social media assets.

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Head and Shoulders Above


Drive re-appraisal with the millennial audience disillusioned with mainstream cider.


Take advantage of Strongbow’s Let’s Own It platform and festival association.

Festivals are so much more than watching the headline act – they are the sum of lots of smaller memories made with mates. So, we created a space that became a must-visit meeting place: The Strongbow Yard.

In the centre, standing tall and true, Strongbow’s iconic Archer was brought to life like never before. Surrounded by an urban junkyard feel and overlooked by a DJ booth made out of old speakers, we created ‘Own it’ hotspots where festival goers could enjoy organic moments together.

Each unique area provided a great place to hang out, enjoy a pint of Strongbow and some quality time with friends.


visitors each year over three festivals


would come back to the area at a future festival


of visitors spent up to an hour in The Strongbow Yard

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The Proof is in the Pudding


Capitalise on the awareness garnered from previous Dark Fruit experiential and drive penetration in key demographic.


Continue to harness the power of the existing Dark Fruit superfandom.

Following on from a busy summer, we created ‘Dark Fruit: The Cakery’: A pop-up Dark Fruit themed bakery where superfans could purchase Dark Fruit baked goods.

We partnered with LadBible who hosted a ‘cake off creation’ contest to see what superfans up and down the country were creating. A winner was selected, and their bake was shipped to Manchester to act as the centrepiece of our one-off Cakery!

For one day only

Our Cakery opened its doors to the public and sold all kinds of sweet treats, from personalised cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and bespoke doughnuts supplied by ‘Doughnut Time’ – all Dark Fruit flavoured, of course!

The Dark Fruit fans of Manchester flocked to the pop-up and stocked up on our limited-edition baked goods, were amazed by the ‘cake off’ winner and rounded off 2018 in Strongbow style! See here for LadBible’s video of the day.

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