Strongbow Dark Fruits Ink


Dark Fruit For Life

Dark Fruit is a cider unlike any other; it inspires near religious devotion amongst its legion of followers. They go on Dark Fruit exclusive nights out, bake Dark Fruit cakes, create Dark Fruit ice cream and, in the case of superfans Alfie and Paul, pay permanent homage to their favourite cider in the form of tattoos.

To celebrate their dedication, we opened the doors to Dark Fruit Ink: a pop-up tattoo studio in Shoreditch that offered fans the chance to make the ultimate commitment to the ultimate fruit cider. We engaged celebrity tattoo artist, Alice Perrin, to design and tattoo 11 very lucky and very committed fans over the course of two days.

Our freshly inked fans were invited to Dark Fruit After Dark - a party where they could hang out with other followers, party to DJ sets, eat Dark Fruit ice cream, and of course have a can of the cold stuff. There were even temporary versions of their tattoos for everyone to try!

Hundreds of people applied to get tattooed and the event sold out within a few hours of going live. The hype was real - so real in fact that online entertainment hub, LadBible, were asked to capture the action across the two days and the subsequent views of their content skyrocketed. Checkout their epic film below.

After a busy summer of showcasing Strongbow across the country, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for Strongbow and its army of superfans?

LadBible captured the whole weekend...