Strongbow Dark Fruit Ice Cream Tour



This Summer Strongbow wanted to celebrated fans’ dedication to their favourite fruit cider, Strongbow Dark Fruit. One superfan in particular, Kyle, caught our attention: he had developed a Dark Fruit ice cream recipe.

Through LadBible we got in touch with Kyle, and asked him to mass produce his exclusive recipe, designed a bespoke Land Rover and trailer and toured across three festivals and three city centres, resulting in huge queues and a film generating in 3.3 million views (and counting) on LadBible.

LadBible found out where Dark Fruit fans wanted us most. A social poll deemed Plymouth, Birmingham and Manchester home to the most fervent fans. In just four days we booked three city centre locations to give out free Dark Fruit ice cream and spread the love nationwide.

We kick started our festival tour at the Isle of Wight before making our way to Kendal Calling and finishing up at Victorious in Portsmouth. Come rain or shine, our delicious, free ice cream went down an absolute treat with festival goers and Dark Fruit lovers alike.

Where will the Dark Fruit fans take us next? Who knows, maybe the freezer aisle at your local supermarket. Only time will tell.