One big journey from the bathroom, to the bedroom, via the kitchen

We work with Philips at a global level, developing insight-driven Shopper Marketing campaigns, implemented through global toolkits. Our scope is wide and far and covers many divisions and brands. For the Personal Care team we work across male grooming and female beauty, which includes a diverse range of products including shavers and body groomers for men through to hair dryers, epilators and skin care products for the ladies. We also collaborate with the Heath & Wellness Division delivering shopper-led communication for both the Philips Avent and Sonicare brands.

In addition we work closely with the Domestic Appliances team, covering everything from the latest cordless vacuum cleaner to the newest trend-led innovation in healthy drinks appliances. Everyone needs that perferctly squeezed juice or high speed blended smoothie after all!

Male Grooming

Female Beauty

Health and Wellbeing

Domestic Appliances