2014 Peugeot


Breaking a 10 year sales record and getting a French car to No.1 in the UK music charts.

We've helped Peugeot launch a number of new models over the last few years. As a brand their biggest challenge has been connecting with a generation of UK drivers who aren't putting Peugeot at the top of their must-test-drive marques.

Our remit has been to get drivers to see, touch and feel the love for the brand.

We've worked on launch activation campaigns, roadshows and managed the last three years of their presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Our focus has been experiential, but combining that with the power of social media has delivered some remarkable results.

2014 GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED Reaching New Heights

The focus for the brand at the 2014 festival was to be on highlighting all the advances and innovation achieved over the last few years – hence the theme Reaching New Heights. We installed a 40 foot high gravity drop ride on the stand and after a short introductory video, visitors could not only see the brand's models in a new light, they could view Goodwood itself from a new angle.

208 LAUNCH Let Your Body Drive

Challenged to devise a pre-launch campaign linked to their global platform, we commissioned Feel the Love by Rudimental to be the soundtrack and hip hop dancer Marquese Scott to be the body of the campaign. A No.1 single, 25-date UK experiential tour and feature at The 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed later, we had broken Peugeot's 10-year record for advance orders – and reached over 10.5million views on YouTube.

208GTi GTi is Back

The legendary 205 GTi is reborn through this UK shopping centre tour. An original 1980's version zoomed out from a Time Tunnel with the new 2013 version placed in front to dramatise the relationship. A dance team regularly performed an eye-catching show emphasising the relevance of the new models to today's young drivers with a mix of 80's and current music and an expert team of brand ambassadors were on hand to provide detailed one to one demonstrations of the 208GTi and the RCZ and 3008 models, also featured in the roadshow.

508 Quality Time Pledge

We targeted Business Drivers extremely cost-effectively by creating a national motorway services roadshow linked to the model's latest Quality Time campaign. Our target was to generate 500 hot leads. With two cars on display and experts on hand to give brief demonstrations, the lure of a free coffee, chance to win some exciting Quality Time and a live updated display of pledges resulted in over 700 test drives.


For the second year running, our challenge was to drive stand visits, change perception of the French brand with the British motoring public and generate test-drive requests. To dramatise the Peugeot platform of Enjoy The Ride, we installed a 55-ton Flowrider machine in the middle of our stand and showcased an innovative surfboard creation from the Peugeot Paris design studio. Leveraging all Goodwood media channels we created a platform to communicate pre, during and post the event, sold out all the pre-booked sessions and our online gallery of surfers in action helped build awareness and interest.

308 Driving Sensations

The Peugeot 308's allure was demonstrated through three different sensory experiences using innovative technology. Oculus Rift provided an immersive 360 degree experience. A digital projection of falling feathers that reacted in sync to a person's movement dramatized the new lighter chassis and to demonstrate the hair-rising excitement of driving a 308, a steering wheel was connected to a Van de Graff generator. Social media was used for people to share their experiences.