Frank Go beyond


Looking for those who Go Beyond

As a result of unprecedented success and rapid global expansion, Frank Recruitment Group’s need for new staff is in constant demand. Attracting, retaining and nurturing the right talent for high-pressure yet rewarding roles is strategically and commercially crucial for the business. But it’s a significant challenge. Frank Recruitment Group asked us to identify and craft the solution – a compelling Employee Value Proposition to encapsulate the ethos of the business, its values and benefits and unify an ever-growing brand across the globe.

Go Beyond was borne from insights established through a crucial series of stakeholder interviews across the business, in all markets; at all levels.

The power of the EVP was in its truth; yes, Frank Recruitment Group is tough, demanding, and challenging but is also a true meritocracy, where hard work is recognised and rewarded beyond salary; and an ultimately fulfilling career for hungry, driven and determined individuals. The EVP inspired and excited team members across every level of the business and now lives through all internal communications from welcome letters, through to office décor and learning and development schemes at every level of career development.