2014 UKTV Tour de Farce



Our challenge was to add wit to the world. UKTV channel Dave wanted to be perceived as more than just Top Gear re-runs. This campaign was all about awareness, executed in a guerilla way. The activation was important, but the reactions, the social conversation and the content created were key pillars to amplify a small budget into stardom. 

We focused on London as our playground; a hub of young, mobile and online-heavy influencers who would happily share our witty banter with their mates and bigger aggregation platforms. Whatever we did needed to disrupt the everyday lives of people and make them pay attention to the witty side of life, hosted by Dave. 

The Tour De France was on its way through London for one day only. Millions would flock to the capital to watch the world’s top cyclists. This was the perfect arena to bring a witty twist to a usually very serious world. 

The purpose of the Tour De Farce simple; take over the tour with our own cyclists who have ‘got lost’ and become separated from the official race. As they sped around London in their own little peloton they would be asking for directions, shouting at taxis to give them a lift, anything they could to get back into the race.

With just shy of 200,000 impressions online, feauture on ITV News and an interview on Capital FM - it was a huge success. Until the cyclists were approached by a policeman, who believeing they were real, escorted them back to the official race course! They got onto The Mall and even to the finish line!