2012 Starbucks Discoveries


Global Toolkits

Liaising with both UK and USA agencies and with head office in Seattle, we developed a series of shopper marketing toolkits leveraging ATL launch propositions for Starbucks Discoveries and Frappuccino, new chilled RTD products on sale in retail outlets. 

Working collaboratively, within very tight timescales, we drew on our understanding of grocery retaling to address challenges of both the Grocery and Convenience environments in eight territories. The toolkits provided them with inspiration to create their own communication materials that would impact across the entire shopper journey. 

Although it was not mandatory, all eight countries used the toolkits and for the first time Starbucks saw a disciplined, universal approach to their through-the-line communications for the CPG range across Europe.

Frappuccino 2012 Toolkit

Discoveries 2012 Toolkit

Discoveries 2013 Toolkit