Recent analysis from the IPA demonstrates that advertising, coupled with a sales conversion channel such as sales promotion, is the most effective combination in driving hard (sales) and soft (brand awareness) success.

The trick is to find the right balance within the budget to encourage consumers to select your brand over the competition. This is as much an art as it is a science.

  • What is the best tipping point in terms of prize volume or frequency?
  • Could a fixed fee help us?
  • What pack flash copy will cut through most effectively?
  • How will other media channels be able to help us?
  • How can we make the brand proposition resonate?
  • How can we socialise the idea?
  • Is the promotion believable?
  • Will the ROI be strong?
  • How can we win an award for the work?

We have tools and in-house specialisms that can be used to answer some of the above and also learning's from delivering innovative and engaging ideas to help inform us as we ideate.

Why our Clients embrace Sales Promotion

- Costs comparatively little to take advantage of owned media (i.e. packs)

- Adds value without having to discount

- Drives ROS and frequency

- Acts as a “Trojan Horse” to drive brand awareness in store and better customer relationships

- Brings brand propositions to life and drives consumer engagement

- Creates competitor advantage at POP

Some of the work we are proud of


  1. Nick Presley

    Executive Creative Director
  2. Simon Callender

    Creative Planning Director
  3. James Willoughby

    Client Services Director
  4. Julie Sexton

    Group Account Director
  5. Hannah ONeill

    Account Director
  6. Anne Rosalie Citroen

    Communications Manager
  7. Mark Mikula

    Senior Communications Executive
  8. Nicola Devine

    Senior Communications Executive
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