Win a holiday with Walkers!

Fancy a holiday for 4 to New York, Budapest or Kuala Lumpur? Or even Barcelona, Phuket or Florence?

In their latest campaign, Walkers are giving consumers the chance to win one of 20,000 holidays to a variety of destinations worldwide. Simply enter the code of back of pack online, receive a letter, collect letters in your online dashboard, spell and destination and you're off! It's as simple as that. There are also 250,000 instant win prizes to be won through sachet in pack which Initials instigated – prizes include Ray Ban sunglasses, Kobo eReaders, Sony cameras, eBooks, WHSmith book vouchers and free product coupons.

Additional chances to win come through specialised competitions in association with The Sun, Buzzfeed and through social media, in addition to AdShells in Manchester where passers-by can make letter shapes with their body to win that letter in their dashboard. There is also the opportunity to swap letters with family, friends or through a randomised function.

Supported by ATL, Social and PR, the campaign will until 31st July. To find out more:

To create even more awareness we have developed a customised "Spell & Go" window display to take over WHSmith in Victoria Station from 12th until 25th May designed to create cut through in commuters' busy routine.

More excitingly, Initials have worked to develop a bespoke overlay for Tesco. "Unexpected holiday in the bagging area" gives Tesco shoppers a greater chance of winning holidays than in any other retailer. Bespoke POS in store raises awareness and coupons at till will offer over 60,000 Instant Win prizes from Ray Ban sunglasses to beach towels and other holiday goodies. To create even more buzz around the campaign, for the next 6 weeks from 25th April, our team will travel across the country to deliver 84 instant holidays to Tesco shoppers simply for being in the right place at the right time, and (of course) picking up a packet of Walkers! Our pilot and his team of holiday goers will be showing off the best reactions from their journey on social media, so make sure you head to to see where they've been and stand by for take-off at a Tesco store near you. For more information:

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