Walkers celebrate at victory parade!

To celebrate Leicester City's Premier League Title, Walkers created a bespoke packet in honour of the champions named 'Salt & Victory'. Walkers decided to sample the crisps at the Leicester Trophy Parade last night that took over the streets of Leicester and Victoria Park where fans congregated celebrating the champions and enjoying music by Kasabian. INITIALS had to react quickly to get the team ready to distribute a whopping 150,000 'Salt & Victory' crisps.

To add a bit of fun to the activation, we sent some of our BAs to sample in muscle suits, y-front pants and Gary Lineker masks to mimic the visual of Gary Lineker celebrating the Leicester City win in only his underpants. All the BAs handed out the packs from within Victoria Park and along the Trophy Parade route to over 110,000 Leicester City fans who turned up to celebrate their team winning the league!

Naked juice sampling
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