The Gap Partnership in China

The Gap Partnership is the world's leading negotiation consultancy specialising wholly and exclusively in teaching negotiation skills. Initials' remit includes the management and control of 14 global websites, the latest being for China.

The Chinese market is a completely different digital arena, requiring a totally separate build. The website is hosted locally, so a Chinese team was recruited to provide SEO expertise. Everything is different to our Western systems. Instead of Google, they use 'Baidu' for internet search, and social interactions had to be set up using Chinese social sites such as Weibo and Douban.

The experience and skills of the Initials digital team were needed for this exciting challenge. The site had to be built in 'simplified Chinese', so language amends were tricky but our daring digitals proved equal to the task!

You can see The Gap Partnership's global site here or see how we rebranded their identity here

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