Space Scooter® appoints Initials to lead global launch

The revolutionary scooter brand Space Scooter® has appointed Initials to lead its global launch this summer. Starting with activations in the US and Argentina, the brand is looking to build upon its huge popularity in the Netherlands where it was created in 2012.

Space Scooter® has a range of scooters suitable for children from age 5, and are powered by a unique 'pump and go' mechanism that lets riders move faster, travel further and have a lot more fun than traditional kick scooters!

Initials will be creating a 360 activation plan including packaging, in store POS, digital, OOH and a live event concept for America. In order to really understand the brand, Space Scooters® have arrived at Initials HQ…and we've had a lot of fun getting to grips with the product and its benefits!

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