Sizzling Salsa or Ultimate Cheeseburger? Doritos A vs B

HOT NEWS! Doritos are bringing two special edition flavours over to the UK for a limited time only. Simply labelled as A and B, the unique plain packaging gives these new flavours a sense of intrigue and stand out vs the average crisp packet.

Playing to the Doritos young, media consuming audience, and their strap line 'for the bold', the two flavours are definitely not for the fainthearted. Consumers are asked to come up with ways to eliminate one flavour in the most eccentric and fearless manner possible for the chance to win £20,000. Ideas can be submitted through social media or the dedicated microsite using the hashtags #DoritosA or #DoritosB Additional support from online and TV showcases flavour elimination inspiration in a unique animated style.

There are even more chances to win in Tesco as a result of a dedicated consumer overlay (that's where we come in!) which includes in store sampling of the two flavours. Everybody who participates, either through sampling or by purchasing in store, gets a scratchcard. Eliminate one flavour (by scratching a bag) to win a trip to either Mexico or New York, (or one of loads of other bold prizes).

Head down to the shops, try both flavours and let us know how you would eliminate one flavour here (if you're bold enough that is).

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