Sees Things Differently with FIAT

To celebrate the FIAT Tipo and the FIAT 500X we asked members of the public to come and 'See Things Differently' at the Trafford Centre and Kings Cross Station.

The FIAT Tipo is a car that unites technology with stylish design to give you more of the good stuff you want but without the price tag you'd expect. The FIAT 500X is a versatile car that works whether you're darting between meetings or crafting a rural escape act. With this brilliantly adventure-proof city-slicker, there's more to it than meets the eye, just like the stand we have created that appeals to both cars target audiences.

Running through the middle of the stand is a curved mirrored wall, giving the Tipo and the 500X its own uniquely branded section. However these aren't standard mirrors, they have been manipulated to warp your reflection, and each individual mirror provides a completely exclusive image that allows you to see a different side of yourself that you wouldn't normally visualise. This is just like both the FIAT Tipo and the 500X, two cars that offer so much more than you would expect.

Brand ambassadors were on site to give more information about the cars, as well as encouraging the public to go and play with the stand, finding out not only what the mirrors have to offer but what the cars have to offer you as well.

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