Making Fit Kit a Design Hit

This month sees the result of our Brand Engineering and Packaging Design work for Fit Kit. A life hack product range specifically designed for post exercise recovery.

Carving out a new category altogether, Fit Kit shower gels combine recovering from exercise with showering, as an innovative solution for time-poor consumers. It will be listed in Whole Foods Market this month and Swedish retailer Gymgrossisten stores, As Nature Intended and in the coming months.

Fit Kit’s look and proposition has been created by part owner INITIALS. This bold identity is designed to showcase Fit Kit’s unique concept and appeal to day-to-day exercisers of both sexes.

Fit Kit's three variants – which come in striking and category disrupting orange, green and blue designs – hone in on solving the problems that come after exercising. Targeting dry skin, fatigue and muscle soreness, the three specially designed formulations include: olive triglycerides to moisturise, eucalyptus to help nasal decongestion and peppermint oil to cool tired muscles. Unlike other gym products, which generally come in bulky bottles or jars, Fit Kit sports a convenient, light, eco-friendly pouch container, designed to take up as little space as possible in your kit bag.

Fit Kit founder Jeremy Carson, previously of global product innovation at Danone and Nestlé, hatched the idea for Fit Kit three years ago. The range will eventually carry eight products, expanding from shower gel into moisturizer and shampoo.

"We're all constantly looking for simple ways to make our lives easier. That's why convenience is right at the heart of our brand essence. INITIALS' design captures this perfectly – its lightweight, elegant packaging clearly communicates the Fit Kit brand's USPs," Carson said.

Simon Callender, our creative planning director added: "This has been a fascinating project to be involved in, not only is it a totally new offering in the category but it has tangible benefits to those that use it. Fitting a workout into a busy lifestyle is tough enough without the undesirable after-effects. But Fit Kit's proposition, as a life hack for time-pressed people, can make a real difference. It's simple, easy and functional. With our design we wanted to help Fit Kit reach as wide a range of consumers as possible."

Richard Barrett, our MD added "this has been a unique piece of work for us as we are both agency and client, the team has really got behind it and learned so much from Jeremy about what it takes to get a product to market, learnings that give us so much more understanding and empathy for the challenges faced by our other clients.

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