​Initials launch second white paper

Following on from our recent Challenge The Challenger initiative examining challenger brands' behaviour, yesterday we were at Six Storeys in Soho, hosting a breakfast event to launch our latest White Paper: Live Amplified: why Experiential is essential to your brand’s success and authenticity. We’re still buzzing as the event was so well attended by a range of fabulous brands and the atmosphere throughout the building was just what we’d hoped for - real engagement generated by a unique, interactive event format.

Introduced by our Head of Experiential, Rachel Bateman (shown above welcoming our guests), it was a totally immersive session, with our partners from Coolr, Live Nation, 2CV, Heineken, Reuben Feels and Neuro-Insight working with us to bring to life three discovery sessions. In them we explored three topics; the new rules for successful partnerships; the crucial difference between observation and insight; and how the human brain reacts to, and stores brand information as memories.

We collaborated closely with our partners on both the White Paper and the event, designing a format for attendees that drew on both Initials’ deep Experiential knowledge, and the meaningful industry insights our partners have shared with us. The event’s key focus was to contextualise the vital importance of Experiential today, alongside providing brands with actionable insights to help maximise success. The White Paper looks at all this and more. To request a copy, please email Abbey Hartley