Initials Chosen Christmas Charity

This Christmas we're working with a school building initiative in Kenya directly funding classroom and education provision in some of Africa's poorest communities. Importantly, we've chosen to give the money we raise to a small UK based action committee as opposed to an established charity or NGO.

This team of entrepreneurs and business-people have a proven track record of turning funding into action and resources as quickly and effectively as possible without the bureaucracy or waste of larger organisations. Every penny we raise is accountable and can be attributed directly to on the ground action and support.

In 2018 we're looking to start a child sponsorship programme within the new Schools we've help establish. This initiative will in turn help pay for the on-going education of vulnerable children ensuring they have the teaching resources they need to get a proper education over the coming years.

To find out more or to get involved email Jo Bedford at

Happy Holidays from us all at Initials!

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