Go On, Go Barmy For Sarnies

onkers for a bloomer? Crazy for a crusty bap? Lettuce introduce the new Walkers-Heinz collaboration, a barmy creation – 6 delicious new flavours inspired by our favourite sandwich fillings. (And take it from us, they're pretty damn tasty).

We've worked with Walkers to help them show the nation just how barmy they are. With barmy sarnie prizes to be won including ultra-retro cutters and stamps, we want the great British sarnie loving public to tell us just how much they've enjoyed our new creations. There's also an impressive sandWEDGE of cash (not edible) to be won with one lucky winner every week scooping £10,000. What's not to loaf?

Why not try them? Go crazy and make a crisp sandwich with our sandwich crisps. A sandwich crisp sandwich… bit of a mouthful, eh? But a delicious one at least.

In honour of this crisp/sandwich union we've opened the Walkers Crisp Sarnie Club – a place where like-minded crisp sarnie lovers can go to enjoy a crisp sarnie with our new crisp flavours, either on their own or with a choice of delicious fillings such as chicken, bacon or cheese.

The Club opened on the 8th September and will stay open until 1st October. Members of the public can book tables online at Eventbrite (from £3 p/person) or simply walk in (with 60 places a day for walk-ins) and, together, raise a square (or even a triangle) to a true hero amongst foods. To book a place online please visit https://walkerscrispsarnieclub.eventbrite.co.uk

Cheer for your flavourite!
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