Last weekend saw the start of our EPIC ENTRANCES campaign for Strongbow come to life at the Isle of Wight Festival. Promotional packs of Strongbow have been offering consumers the chance to kick off their festival with something truly amazing, and the first two winners included a pirate being dropped in by chopper and accompanied by entourage of fire-eaters, stilt walkers and jugglers, whilst the second group arrived at the island via a high-performance speedboat, accompanied by circus performers.

Both groups ended up at the Strongbow Yard, also put together by the awesome Initials Live Engagement team, an equally epic on-site bar, where a giant Strongbow Archer takes centre stage and comes to life with pyrotechnics once the sun goes down, and visitors are entertained by a DJ, and they can get epic pictures a giant viewing platform.

There are six more Epic Entrances still to be won: three at Kendal Calling (27-30 July) and three at Victorious Festival (25-27 August), both of which will also feature the Strongbow Yard. Watch this space as our three Kendal Calling winners will be revealed next week…

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