1984 Throwback

To celebrate World Chocolate Day we've been reminiscing about one of Cadbury's most memorable campaigns - from 1984, Conundrum, The Cadbury's Creme Egg Mystery.

Chocolate lovers could collect Creme Egg wrappers to send for a beautifully written and illustrated book containing cryptic clues that lead to a hidden 'treasure'. The treasure was a casket containing a telephone number that you called to claim one of twelve exclusive gold Fabergé-style eggs commissioned from Garrards the Crown Jewellers. Each was valued at £5000 (a tidy sum in 1984)!

The public went mad for the scheme and all twelve eggs were awarded, after some pretty scary moments involving members of the public digging where they shouldn't, and questions being asked in the Houses of Parliament that led to changes in the way treasure hunts could be run in the UK!

Our Non-Executive Director, Roger Hyslop was working on the Cadbury account at the time and to this day still receives praise for this work. It was a landmark activity and truly created history in the world of promotional marketing – regularly coming in the top 5 of best promotions ever run. Initials has worked on numerous Cadbury campaigns including Joynormous, Easter Egg Trials and the Cadbury Wish Workshop and stands as one of the longest serving agencies to work with Mondelez, with our ECD having worked on Cadbury for nearly 25 years now!

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