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Shopper & Promotional Marketing


Encouraging consumers to select your brand is as much an art as it is a science. We work hard to combine channel understanding, behavioural economics and consumer psychology to make sure brands can really influence purchase decisions. 

With every brief, we aim for a pragmatic, cost effective and timely result, ultimately driving better connection and creativity.

Less is more

With shoppers becoming both savvy and cynical, shopper communication has to work a lot harder in convincing them to buy.

Details matter

Which colour drives impulsiveness? What shapes disrupt the eye? Details can make all the difference when delivering a game-changing shopper campaign.


We have a series of proprietary analysis tools to help brands engage, connect and convince shoppers to buy, utilising cloud-based online research, covering 60 countries, with a database of 250,000 shoppers segmented by a variety of demographics.


Recent analysis from the IPA demonstrates that advertising, coupled with a sales conversion channel such as sales promotion, is the most effective combination in driving hard (sales) and soft (brand awareness) success.


Costs comparatively little to take advantage of owned media and simultaneously adds value without having to incur a discount.

Trojan Horse effect

Subtly drives brand awareness in-store and supports better customer relationships by bringing brand propositions to life and driving engagement.

Our Team

James, Sarah & their teams are always across the latest trends. If you want an insight into the world of shopper and promotional marketing, look no further.

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