Delivering inspiring, well thought through briefs into the creatives’ hands based on apposite and beautifully pinpointed insights should be table stakes in agencies these days. For us, maintaining an outstanding creative output is about four things

Playing to our strengths

We understanding what they are and play to them in the context of what clients want and the briefs demand. Key to this is our flexibility in the way we draw on different people and their skills; using learned knowledge when required and deliberately doing the opposite where appropriate. There is an art to getting the balance right – we call it organised chaos. This is reflected in the way we structure creative teams around our Shopper Marketing, Live Engagement and Promotional disciplines, ensuring core expertise is available when required, or indeed inexperienced inquisitive minds are used on specific projects to challenge the status quo.

Balancing great teamwork with individual flair

Knowing when to let art directors, copywriters and designers feed off each other or when to pull down the shutters and focus them on their own strengths is a delicate balancing act and not always easy to get right. It is also important not to discriminate – who’s to say art directors can’t write, writers can’t design and designers can’t come up with ideas? Not us! Having a healthy balance of fresh, raw, inquisitive minds and wise, experienced old hands goes a long way to creating the unique environment we work in.

Taking things personally

Not for us hiding creative people in darkened rooms with mystical mind gurus massaging their egos until an infant idea is delivered kicking and screaming in to this world. We want them to engage – with clients, with brands, and with the whole journey of a brief from being a twinkle in the client’s eye until it is fully grown and mature, out in the big wide world. That way, if they meet clients and present their own work, it becomes their personal mission to make things the very best they can be.

Constantly being on the lookout for, and investing in new talent

Over half the creative department have come through our placement and internship schemes. We currently have relationships with two art colleges and we make sure they are ones where both parties benefit. In our experience the more you put in, the more you get out. If you can see tomorrow’s talent as an extension of where you are today, that’s half the battle.

It is not for us to judge whether or not our creative work is world class – ultimately that is down to our clients. And whether or not they keep coming back for more. Which they do – with alarming frequency!