Raising the bar for a global brand

Our start point for one of the world's fastest growing whisky brands was to redefine the brand parameters in the form of a new communications architecture. Next, a complete overhaul of the website. We're also working on digitally-led campaign ideas for all markets and our 'always on' social media strategy underpins the communication to influencers across all the key platforms around the world.

Always On Content

Creating content calendars to regularly feed, entertain, inform and stimulate the brand's global audience.

Lifestyle Photography

Developing an organic, ongoing image library to be used for social content across a number of platforms. Bigg shout out to Chris Biggs, one of London's legendary (at least he tells us he is) photographers.

Cocktails Made, Easy Old Fashioned, Mamie Taylor, Layered on Coke

A series of social media stop-motion videos to persuade people that making cocktails at home is easier than they think. Here's three, but there are loads more in the pipeline.

Cocktails Made, Easy Boulevardier #3

Cocktails Made, Easy Monkey Manhattan