Pringles Goooals!

Collect 2 promotional codes from Pringles promotional packs, enter them online, pay £3 'to cover the contribution', and get a limited edition Umbro football shirt within 90 days. Choose from red/black or white/black. The promotion runs across 27 EMEA markets throughout the summer.

Our Pundit's view

Where do I start? The shirts feature not only the Umbro logo (I don't mind that, as they are a recognised shirt brand) but also a bigger Pringles logo (I don't want a snack brand logo on my football shirt, thanks). The whole idea of a football shirt, whilst logical is, in promotional terms, uninspiring, but the worst aspect is that I apparently have to wait 3 months for the item to arrive. It's a blatant example of a client/agency wanting to cash in on the World Cup without exercising any real creativity which you would normally expect from a brand such as Pringles. Take a look at other current savoury snacks campaigns and you'll see what I mean.

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