National Grammar Day

It has come to my attention that last Tuesday was National Grammar Day….and not a lot of people know that!

But if, like me, you hate sloppy punctuation, grammar and writing, take a moment to open the link below. It will make you smile, and will remind you that when published, poor English reflects badly both on society generally and on the individual or organisation that publishes it.

That's why when we launched the agency I appointed myself the Guardian of the Queen's English at Initials, in the hope that, when we have spent days and weeks slaving over a hot brief, have read the text a dozen times and are about to publish it, my colleagues will send it to me for checking first. And they do. It may just be coincidental, but we haven't had a major boo-boo with published work for a long time now, so long may that continue.

Enjoy: Heartfelt Sentiments For National Grammar Day

Sadly, this must have come from our cousins across the water who speak their own version of our language. The word 'honor' in the introductory text should of course be spelt 'honour'. And a lot of people here now know that!