Mars Win Personalised shirts

Mars are big football supporters. This is the big one, the world Cup. World Cups are all about passion, excitement, nail-biting tension and an appreciation of the art of great sport (after all, for 99% of supporters their team will ultimately be unsuccessful). So Mars have offered up a shed-load (actually if we're talking Stamford Bridge, over 73 Shed loads) of personalised England shirts for their (Mars') supporters to win. Not bad considering the furore of how much Nike are charging for them!

Our Pundit's view:

The results are in for Mars' big shot at Rio 2014 immortality…

Exciting 0-4 Boring

Insipid 3-1 Inspiring

Wooden 6-0 Animated

Rousing 1-5 Lethargic

Bland 2-0 Imaginative

Creativity 1-4 Functionality

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to the agency who created this. I wanted to like this but the wind tunnel of client, Fifa regulations and the FA stipulations have caused this to be so far offside it almost deserves a red card. You only have to read the twitter comments to see what the crowd thinks. They certainly don't think it's all over and they're definitely not on the pitch. If this was a penalty it would be Gareth Southgate's. If it was a haircut it would be Chris Waddle's. But it's not. It's a sales promotion and whilst the idea is sound, the delivery of it is definitely more Allardyce than Pellegrini.