Lidl: Are You the Biggest Football fan?

Customers are invited to upload a fan-related photo of themselves in order to 'prove it and win Lidl vouchers worth £100.' Once a photo has been uploaded, others can vote for their most popular pics. The 100 photos with the most votes at the end of the contest will then go into a free draw, with one winner being awarded 20 £5 Lidl vouchers.

Our Pundit's View

Assuming this is a national promotion , and it's a fair bet it is because there's a website for it, one is left wondering which budget-obsessed manager at Lidl authorised the mind-bogglingly mean prize of 20 £5 Lidl vouchers. And there appears to be only one prize to be awarded!

I say 'appears', because I could not find any Rules or Terms & Conditions, a simple omission that clearly contravenes the IPM/ASA Code of Practice. Frankly, I doubt they will get 100 punters to bother to upload a photo.

This really is the kind of thing that gives sales promotion a bad name.


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