Foxy Bingo

Presumably with tongue firmly in cheek, Foxy Bingo are offering 'fur free' wax strips when you register to play online.

Our Pundit's View

OK, so the World Cup is in Brazil, their mascot is a furry animal, and they're offering 'fur free' wax strips. Seems like a no-brainer, in the most obvious sense. I mean really, come on, it was definitely the first scamp in the creative's pad undoubtedly accompanied by screams of "Ha, that'll be funny…"

However, that's not to say that it won't appeal to the scores of women who will genuinely be more interested in Brazilian waxes and Bingo (depending on how the group stage goes, I might well be too).

It's not going to win any World Cup medals, but may get an outside chance at a coveted 'well-done-for-taking-part' accolade.

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