Cadbury Unwrap Gold fever grips the nation!

The biggest range promotion Cadbury has seen in recent years enters its final stages, with some of the final London 2012 ticket packages still waiting to be won. The multi-channel, multi-brand campaign has already exceeded sales expectations and grown Cadbury market share. It's one of their most successful promotional campaigns ever, with nearly 350 pairs of ticket packages claimed, from London to Edinburgh, Cardiff, the Shetland and Channel Islands…and there are still more to be found!

Over 20,000 secondary prizes have also been claimed, resulting in an overwhelming response to UNWRAP GOLD from the British public. How has it been achieved?

The campaign was 18 months in the making and involved a multi-agency team headed by INITIALS who developed the concept and were responsible for campaign delivery. Gold Vouchers were seeded into packs and distributed far and wide to every corner of the country, ensuring at least two tickets were available to be claimed in every postal district in the UK and every county in Ireland. The campaign has been featured on over 80 million packs and has received massive endorsement from all sectors of the retail trade, resulting in impressive displays both in retail outlets and Cash & Carry.

Run across 18 Cadbury lines, the campaign offers consumers the chance to win a range of packages including pairs of tickets to London 2012 including 5 star accommodation and events such as The Opening Ceremony, the men's and women's 100m finals as well as other Olympic finals. If consumers find a Gold Voucher printed in their Cadbury wrapper, they can ring a 24 hour Unwrap Gold hotline to discover which Olympic package they have won. There are also secondary prizes of free Cadbury chocolate and ice cream, as well as over 3,000 tickets to Cadbury House at Hyde Park's BT London Live event running every day of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Supported by TV and outdoor advertising, experiential activity, online and social media and an extensive national and regional PR campaign, UNWRAP GOLD is already shaping up to become one of the highlight marketing campaigns from any of the official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sponsors.

INITIALS CEO Jamie Matthews says "The reason for the campaign's success is a combination of in-depth strategic planning, a committed multi-agency and client team, and an attention to detail that has engaged people and made them want to win. And with happy winners celebrating all over the country, it's no surprise that research is already showing a highly positive response to the campaign."